“Home is the nicest word there is.” – Laura Ingalls Wilder

But finding the right pieces, at the right price, from the right place… it takes some dedicated research. And that research robs irreplaceable hours from your life. Get back to living AND find the right pieces WITHOUT wasting time hunting for them.

We’re bringing data-backed recs TO YOU. Here, you’ll find everything you need to finish, upgrade, or add some spice to your space. Just need a softer blanket? Great. Ready to treat yourself to the sectional of your dreams? You’re still in the right place. Better kitchen appliances. Solar panels. Regal mirrors. A new duvet cover. A washable rug. You need it. We rank it.


For all its faults, Amazon does offer a world-renowned platform that’s accessible to local artists, curators, artisans, and designers… and you can find some of their best work here: 1. Handmade, Customizable Jewelry Customized necklaces featuring a hand-stamped initial. A great gift for bridesmaids, daughters, and best friends alike. 16K Gold, Customizable Name Bar Bracelet.Continue reading “HANDMADE GIFTS AND DECOR”

fear not; there’s room for ya on the bandwagon

Make it easy on yourself to look great, feel good, and live well. Stop wasting your time scouring the interwebs for what you want. We’ll drop data-backed recs in your inbox weekly.

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