Whether she just saw that double line a handful of weeks ago or she’s heading home with baby in hand, these maternity and postpartum gift baskets will remove any doubt in her mind that you care about and want the best for her.

Nothing communicates love quite like an out-of-the-blue, no-strings-attached, you-got-this-mama gift bundle… especially when you didn’t have to scour the interwebs to find the perfect one!

1. Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Gift Set

Nourishing belly butter, soothing leg and food cream, and hydrating lip balm. These natural skin care products come in a lovely Burts Bees Tin and make the perfect stocking stuffer, baby shower, or “just because” gift for new or expecting mamas.

$25 is already a steal, but they’re also offering another 40% coupon right now. This gift set has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating with about 500 reviews.

2. Palmer’s Stretch Mark and Pregnancy Skin Care Kit

Mamas SWEAR by this stuff. Just consult the 2700+ ratings by mothers, 92% of whom gave this 4 or 5 stars for an average of 4.7 out of 5.

P.S. The whole box is currently $19.97.

3. Bath Bombs Gift Set from Life Around 2 Angels

A 12-pack of moisturizing bath bombs with a nearly perfect 4.9 out of 5 stars… with over 18,700 ratings… for just $26.80… with natural, non-toxic ingredients… it’s the #1 best seller… why are we still talking?

Nothing says, “Relax Mama; it’s okay to take a break!” quite like a 12-pack of classy bath bombs. The 12 distinct scents include – Black Raspberry Vanilla, Lavender, Lemongrass Green Tea, Mango Papaya, Melon Ball, Shea & Coconut, Victorian Rose, Fun in the Shower, Fun on the Beach, Kiwi & Strawberry, Angel, and Love.

4. The Hangry Cravings Healthy Snack Kit

Nutritious and delicious snacks are more important than ever as your mama friend is eating for two. Make sure she gets the calories, nutrients, and mood-stabilizing foods she needs to get through each day!

5. A Little Something for Mama-to-Be Maternity Gift Set from Earth Mama

This box comes with 5 effective, organic, herbal products to soothe the discomforts of pregnancy. The Ginger Fresh Deodorant, Morning Wellness Body Wash, Belly Butter, Belly Oil, and Orange Ginger Lip Balm are all formulated by a nurse and an herbalist to ensure the best possible ingredients.

It’s $19.95, 4.5 out of 5 stars with 350 ratings, and the eco-packaging is 100% recyclable.

6. Beautiful Mom-to-Be Gift Basket

This gorgeous set comes with Rose & Pink Clay Bath Salt, Pink Clay Rose Goat Milk Soap, Lavender Soy Candle with dried Rose Buds, and Organic Beeswax Lip Balm. For $29.99, this elegant box highlights the beauty of pregnancy and motherhood while offering the new mama a moment to pamper herself.

7. First Trimester Gift Boxes

Option 1: The Bump Box for Tri#1

This box is currently $49.99 and contains a “Feelin’ Fly as a Mother” water bottle, mommy belly stickers, No’ Mo’ Nausea acupressure band, Preggie Pop Drops in 3 flavors to relieve morning sickness, and an organic, energizing bath bomb. And check out this fun packaging:

Option 2: The Eco-Centric Gift Box for Tri #1

For $52.99, this organic box includes only organic, non-toxic, natural, and eco-friendly items. The expecting mama will open the box to find 6 unique pregnancy essentials: relaxation aids, nausea relief, a magnetic sonogram frame, and a journal to remember her pregnancy journey and bring her closer to baby.

8. Second Trimester Gift Boxes

Option 1: The Bump Box for Tri #2

Starting at $49.99, this box comes with: unscented belly butter, a beautiful sonogram frame, an essential oils bath soak with a salt mixture to alleviate swelling, and a “napping for two” sleep mask to help mama get her beauty sleep.

Option 2: The Eco-Centric Gift Box for Tri #2

Also priced at $49.99, this competitor’s box features relaxation aids, a magnetic sonogram frame, a travel mug, and pregnancy tea. All products are organic, non-toxic, natural, and eco-friendly. Heads up: there are some repeat items in this box from the first trimester box from the same company.

9. 3rd Trimester Gift Boxes

Option 1: The Bump Box for Tri #3

They thought of everything, and you still only pay $49.99. If you’re only going to get one trimester’s gift box from The Bump, this is the ONE:

  • a lovely, anti-frizz hair wrap for some elegant pampering
  • a trendy headband with an adjustable, elastic back to help mamas stay active
  • under-eye collagen treatments that refresh tired mama-eyes with cool collagen, amino acids, and coconut
  • a wood massager to rub some of those tense muscles out (it’s also great for labor)
  • some “Inhale, Exhale” no-slip, rubber-grip socks to stick in the hospital bag for D-day
  • an essential oils foot soak with all-natural ingredients to bring relief to swollen, tired feet

Option 2: The Eco-Centric Gift Box for Tri #3

Starting at $52.99, you can snag all of these organic items in one cute box: a 2-in-1 body butter and coffee scrub, multi-purpose mommy tote bag, sleepy-time massage serum, soothing cream for aching legs and feet, and nipple cream for tender breasts.

10. New Mom Gift Box from Blue Moon Elise

Give the gift of relaxation with this box, which includes handmade soap, bath salts, body oil, face mister, and lip and nipple balm. Each item contains all-natural ingredients and is 100% plant-based, coming from Blue Moon Elise business based in the North Carolina mountains. It was started by Rachel Elise and became a full-time business in 2003. Offer an indulgent gift for the new mama you know while supporting small business!

11. Gift Box for New Moms from UnboxMe

For $48.00, you can give the trendiest AND most practical gift basket that includes:

  • a gender-neutral baby wrap blanket
  • a hand-poured, soy-scented relaxation candle
  • mineral, floral bath tea to soothe postpartum aches
  • BPA-free, silicone pacifier clip (that’s trendy as heck)
  • an adorable and beautifully-designed card

12. Self-Care Spa Gift Set

This adorable gift box is marked for “Christmas,” but expecting mamas aren’t going to want to wait until then for the hidden gems inside. This box includes an aromatherapy bath bomb, 2 nourishing travel soaps, and a lip moisturizing balm. Coming from Arizona, this thoughtful and elegant gift box starts at just $19.95.

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