2020 has been tough, and with the world spinning faster and faster as Election Day approaches, it’s time. Go ahead. Rock a new mask. While you’re at it, remind people to VOTE!

1. Designed for Clarity and Comfort, this highly rated mask comes solo or in a 2, 3, or 6-pack.

2. A Nifty, Thrifty, Vibrant 5-Pack:

3. A Creative, Simple, & Sweet Mask:

4. A 5-Pack of Masks with a Clear Message:

5. A Nod to the Infamous Fly

To commemorate a truly gleaming moment in American history.

6. A Glorious 5-Pack Celebration of the Notorious RBG

For literally $15. If you want to mix and match a bit, there are plenty of substitutions available.

7. Maybe you don’t need 5 RBG masks… Maybe You Just Need One:

Only $8 for beautiful mask with a firm message. Featuring 22 impressive options:

8. The Perfect Mask for Feminists Everywhere:

9. If you’re for Biden and Harris:

10. If you’re not:

11. Pen-ultimately: An Ode to 2020, the Year of the Eternal Dumpster Fire

12. In case you missed the whole point, here’s our final attempt:

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